If you happen to have a great solidarity toward humankind, if you happen to identify yourself as someone with unending sympathy for humanity, a social work degree is what you need to facilitate your passion altogether. Taking such a degree will allow you to work as a social-service giver, mainly focuses on how to help others go through a rough patch in their life. However, you should be well-informed about the fact that the job is not designed for those who lack on persistence and relentlessness. It is by no means an easy profession to live with so you must have such hard-worker qualities in addition to having sympathy and pity toward people.

But the job pays well, though. Once you have been anointed an eligible social worker, you are projected to earn as much as $30,000 annually. And that is if you only have a Bachelor’s degree. If you accomplish, say, a Master’s degree, however, that figure will double up and you may earn as much as at least $60,000 per year. So, clearly, what level you have your degree in determines how much you could end up being paid with. That may be a large number from average non-experts’ perspective. But that number properly proportions to the task being bestowed upon social workers’ shoulder. It’s never an easy job to talk to people with so many troubles and hampered life.

Social worker degree is divided into two groups: Direct Service and Clinical. If you apply for the former, in the end you will work to help people find solution for their problems and teach them how to deal with the problems as well. Conversely, if it’s the latter that you are applying for, eventually you would focus your service mostly on how to precisely diagnose your clients’ condition and you will find yourself hired by private practices and the likes, hence clinical.


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