In no way would earning a degree in psychology be easy. As a branch of science that emphasizes on strong power of perception and analysis, you, if you are planning on taking a psychology course, have to be able to observe one’s mind condition. Now, if you think that you have had such a ground, you may continue on looking at the possible degree types proper for you.

  • Associate Degree. In Associate Degree, you will only need to undertake a two-year course. You can earn training presented by well-known and reputable colleges after which, upon graduating, you can use the degree to advance to a higher level of education on purpose of getting Bachelor Degree. Or, if you prefer, you can instead find a job with this degree. But bear in mind that the opportunities are so limited and you may get lower payment for the job as well.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. The course will require you to undergo training at least for four years. Job employment is higher but you would still be taken as an entry-level employer. You will only earn approximately 2.5% of what others in Master Degree would gain. A Bachelor Degree allows one to be able selecting a specific field of study as compared to Associate Degree which focuses only on general matters.
  • Master’s Degree. With this degree, you may opt for one of the available options: to prepare yourself for a professional practice or to advance to yet another higher level of educational course. After at least three years of training, you may be able to apply for a job in centers established for treating drug and alcohol abuse victims, social services, institution working in mental health, or agencies belong to government.
  • Doctoral Degree. To earn this degree, you have to attend to school for at least five additional years of training. Also included as requirement for graduation is internship undertaken with a legitimate psychologist. You will be guided to focus on research fields and you have to take specific specialty for this.

There is another alternative for Doctoral Degree you can take; that is Doctor of Psychology. For at least four years, you will be trained to become a professional psychologist who is capable of running a practice.


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